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pasta dishes

Tortellini, Spaghetti, Fettucine, Penne, with your choice of the following home made sauces:
Boscaiola - A thick creamy Italian sauce with ham and mushroom. 13.90
Carbonara - A classic creamy sauce combining bacon and onion. 13.90
Bolognaise - A rich tomato based Italian meat sauce. 13.90
Napolitana - Traditional Italian sauce with blended tomato, herbs and garlic. 13.90
Putanesca - Savoury ham, anchovies and olives in a traditional Italian tomato sauce. (Chilli optional). 13.90
Parma - A delicious traditional sauce of bacon, cream, egg and parmesan cheese. Sensational! 13.90
Lasagne - Layers of pasta, tasty seasoned ground beef & tomato, luscious beschemal sauce, parmesan cheese and topped off with our own bolognaise and more mozzarella cheese. 13.90

dessert pizza

Wicked calzone style pizza parcels with creamy cheesecake filling and stuffed with your choice of:- Sweet Lemon, Blueberry, Banana and NOW ALSO Strawberry, and Choc Hazelnut. 5.90



Pizza Base Garlic Bread
A crusty pizza base layered with fresh garlic, plus heaps and heaps of cheese. Reg 5.90 Lge 8.90 Fam 12.90
Garlic Bread

Crusty warm loaf filled with traditional garlic and herbs. 4.50
Parmesan crust
Calzone style folded crust with tasty parmesan cheese and your choice of basil pesto or garlic or both. Superb! 5.90


Home delivery available - min order and delivery charges apply.

15% surcharge applies on public holidays.


» main menu «   » traditional pizzas «  » gourmet pizzas«